FINAL RANK                      TEAM

1.                Michiana Mud Hens

2.                Offshore Bucknuts

3.                Flowerfield Flashes

4.                Birmingham Ballbashers

5.                Dallas Texans

6.                Purgatory Fighting Pacifists

7.                Cass County Wiley Coyotes

8.                Marcellus Marauders

9.                Grovertown Rams

10.              Hicktown Heroes

11.              Michigan Fighting 425th

12.              Wellston Bears

13.              Bair Lake Fighting Cowboys

14.              Anaheim Lame Ducks

15.              Lake Shore Bombers

16.              Elkhart Cardinals



Offshore 30 (100%), Michiana 70 (100%)

Consolation game:

Birmingham 36 (72%), Flowerfield 41 (91%)

(coaching efficiency listed in parentheses)



            In last year’s Tidy Bowl, the Michiana Mud Hens scored 64 points in a losing effort against the Wellston Bears.  This season was unfinished business for the Hens, and even the 0-3 start to the season could not discourage them from achieving their goal.  And once they landed themselves in the title game again, they even improved upon their effort from last year, routing the Offshore Bucknuts, 70-30, including four touchdowns from a defensive unit just acquired this week in perhaps the most brilliant $1 transaction ever made.  Birds now fill the Michiana skies in celebration of the first title in the franchise’s 21-year history, looking like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock film.

            The Bucknuts had also faced some adversity this season, finding themselves languishing at three games below .500 before winning six straight (including playoffs).  Having finished third last season and second this year, they will be looking to take the final step next season and win their franchise’s second title.

            Meanwhile, the Flowerfield Flashes finished up an impressive run with a third-place finish, defeating Birmingham in a tightly-fought 41-36 affair.  Flowerfield is the only team in the league to have made the playoffs each of the past three years, so expect them to be a force next season.  Birmingham will try to build upon their first playoff appearance in six years.

            Thanks to everyone for another great year!  Watch your email for information about awards, and GO IRISH!!!



MICHIANA MUD HENS – Signed Tennessee (D), $1; and Jacksonville (D), $1.  Released LaRod Stephens-Howling (RB) and Dan Carpenter (K).