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The Questions Of Bartholomew

Alternate titles: The Gospel Of Bartholomew, The Apocalypse Of Bartholomew

c. 300-500 C.E.

The writings of Jerome, as well as the Gelasian Decree, speak of a Gospel of Bartholomew, though it is not known if they speak of this work; there also exists a fragmentary "Book of the Ressurection By Bartholomew the Apostle" which seems closer to a gospel narrative, but also contains apocalyptic visions.

The "Questions" begin in the format of a sayings gospel, then rapidly delve into revelations and eschatological teachings, including a descent into Hell. The traditions in Bartholomew most likely originated in Egypt, though our present text probably reflects many later developements. The blatant veneration of Mary is likely a product of the third or fourth centuries; some scholars would place the entire work as late as the sixth.