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...and there's even a few interesting things here now! However, this is still only a very small first step in an experiment that will shake the establishment down to its very foundation... In the meantime, feel free to Email us.

NEW!!! For those of you who remember the good old days of creating character alignments in role-playing games, Geoff has applied this same analysis to the characters in his favorite stories from novels and film. Behold the Pop Culture Alignment Charts.

Geoff has always been an avid reader of science fiction—especially the huge genre of Star Trek novels. His lifelong dream to actually publish some of his original work has come to fruition. Click here for all the exciting news.

We've put together an MP3-driven retrospective of all the bands Geoff played with during his freaky rock-'n'-roll days. Click here for the righteous tunes, man.

Annoyed by the fact that this site is never updated? Check out Geoff's blog, which will likely annoy you for a whole slew of different reasons, and it no longer gets updated, either.

Many of Geoff's older controversial writings can be found here. Note to Rush Limbaugh: Take your OxyContin first. You'll need it.

Our biographies page is now hopelessly out of date, and might be replaced soon... but not likely.

Our Genealogy page will keep you updated on the status of our family history research, which has been going in earnest for a few years now.

Check out our Non-Partisan Christian Voters' Guide. You can also download a PDF version for handy printing and distribution at your local non-partisan church service.

Geoff's research project titled The "Whole" Bible—a study of the history of the Christian New Testament, the development of the canon, and the relationships to the apocryphal texts—is on an indefinite hiatus, though at its inception it had solicited very positive comments from many people, including several professors of religion and theology.

Go Ducks!!! Not only are we the commissioner of our 16-team still-unnamed Fantasy Football League, we're also five-time champions! As of 2011, we're in our TWENTIETH season—and yes, that is completely insane. For league members (or anyone else who is particularly bored), you can review the current rosters, schedules and standings at the league homepage.

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