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If you're looking for Geoff's ridiculously outdated and no-longer-maintained Timeline project, it's still here.

Geoff's first novel! A 57,000-word story, The Chimes at Midnight is one of three independent "what-if" or "alternate history" novels collected in the trade paperback Echoes and Refractions: "In a continuum where Spock died during childhood, an Andorian named Thelin became Captain Kirk's stalwart friend and first officer. But at the moment of Khan's final defeat, history takes an even stranger turn, and the emerging potential of Project Genesis is revealed as the galaxy's greatest hope . . . and its most ominous threat." (Back cover copy)

The trade compilation is the second of three in Pocket Books' Myriad Universes series: "It's been said that for any event, there is an infinite number of possible outcomes. Our choices determine which outcome will follow, and therefore all possibilities that could happen do happen across countless alternate realities. In these divergent realms, known history is bent, like white light through a prism-broken into a boundless spectrum of what-might-have-beens. But in those myriad universes, what might have been . . . is what actually happened." (Back cover copy)

Reviews of The Chimes at Midnight:

"Trowbridge tells an amazing story that will resonate with fans of the films."—Jeff Ayres,

"Trowbridge's story is fun, thought provoking, and ambitious... [He] does an outstanding job of looking into the psyche of the Federation, and answering the question: are we really all that different than those we fear?"—Robert Lyons,

"Many of these events presented are familiar to us, but Trowbridge spins them in a way that is compelling, in seeing how the jigsaw pieces fit together to lead to the final, shocking turn of events."—Michael Warren, "Musings of a Fandom Geek"

"As good as the stories in the first book were, [The Chimes at Midnight] blows them out of the water."—starri1, via LiveJournal

"There were parts so intense and shocking that I found myself gripping the book and having to look away. The final pages left me breathless, making me wish the actual movies and producers had taken the chances Geoff Trowbridge took with this story."—Antoine D. Reid, via

"One of the best trek-stories I ever read, a breathtaking allegory on Hiroshima with very interesting characters and lots of action, politics and intrigue."—Kopernikus, via the TrekBBS

"Geoff made a good start with his short story 'Suicide Note;' his first novel is well worth reading, too."—Steve Roby, Starfleet Library

"I read it... and it didn't suck!"—Keith R.A. DeCandido

See the entry for Myriad Universes on Memory Beta.

Order Echoes and Refractions from (If you like, you can also order the first volume, Infinity's Prism.)

"Taking its title from the final words spoken by Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the series finale, The Sky's the Limit is a collection of brand new original stories spanning and celebrating the entire twenty-year history of the most popular and successful Trek series of all." (Synopsis from

Published in October 2007, this anthology of officially licensed new tales includes Geoff’s first professional sale of a short story. Titled "Suicide Note," the story takes place approximately eight years after the third-season espisode, "The Defector."

Reviews of "Suicide Note":

"Finally someone has gotten around to telling us what happened to Jarok's note to his family. I found this a very touching story."—Charles Packer, Sci-Fi Online

"Let the record show that I quite liked 'Suicide Note'... an emotionally satisfying short story."—Steve Roby (creator of The Complete Starfleet Library website)

"A nice look into how his family coped with what happened after Jarok defected, and the message Picard delivered to them. I really liked this story a lot."—Reanok (via the TrekBBS)

"Excellent... more in line with what I wanted from the anthology."—Brandon Harbeke (via the TrekBBS)

"Proof that slight stories can still be good stories. Nicely done with sensitivity and realism."—P. "Bubba" Taylor (via

"The character work is so convincing and touching that it is hard to believe this is Trowbridge's first published story."—Jens Deffner, UnrealitySF

See the book's entry on Memory Beta.

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For those who are fans of Japanese comics (with English dialogue), you're in luck. Geoff's story "Suicide Note" is also included in ToykoPop's second volume of their Star Trek manga, titled Kakan ni Shinkou (果敢に進行). Sorry, the story won't be illustrated. This is merely a cross-promotion between TokyoPop and Pocket Books; therefore, you will also find that one of the manga stories is featured in The Sky's the Limit.

Kakan ni Shinkou (which roughly translates as "To Boldly Go") was released in September 2007, and was technically the first time a story of Geoff's had ever seen print.

Review of "Suicide Note" by Michael Kure of

"I didn’t think I’d like it, but I could not stop reading this short story once I started. I mean, I could actually hear Picard’s voice saying the words written for him by author Trowbridge and visualize everything as if I were watching the story unfold on TV. It was that good! Damn TOKYOPOP for throwing me this sucker punch! Now I’ve got to go and buy The Sky’s the Limit, too!"

See the book's entry on Memory Beta.

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Geoff's first official publishing credit with Pocket Pooks was helping to research and collate the data for the "Star Trek Fiction Timeline," included as an appendix to Jeff Ayres's excellent reference book, Voyages Of Imagination.

Reviews listed on

“The fiction timeline is wonderful...”—Jacqueline Bundy

“The timeline is fascinating, placing each novel on a chronology that covers thousands of years.”—James Thayer

“I've been waiting for the update on the timeline since Adventures in Space and Time was released. It was well worth the wait.”—Mr. Dip

“I can only imagine how much work went into [the timeline]. It's a great supplementary feature for a book like this.”—Steve Roby

See the entry for the "Star Trek Fiction Timeline" on Memory Beta.

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