Windows Mail Setup

On the Toolbar, click Tools and select Accounts from the menu.

The Internet Accounts window opens.

Toward the top, right corner, click Add.

Select E-Mail Account.

Click Next to continue.

Display name = Enter your name.

Click Next to continue.

E-mail address = Enter your e-mail address. ([email protected])

Click Next to continue.

Incoming mail server type = This should be set to POP3 .

Incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP) server:

Outgoing (SMTP) server:

Check "Outgoing server requires authintication"

Click Next to continue.

Email user name = Enter your full e-mail address. ([email protected])
Password = Enter the password to your e-mail account.

Important: Passwords are case-sensitive. Ensure your Caps Lock is disabled.

Select Remember password.

Important: Do NOT select Log on using 'Secure Password Authentication'.

Click Next to continue.

Check "Do not download my e-mail at this time"

Click finish.

Highlight the account you just created and click Properties

Select the Advanced tab.

Outgoing mai (SMTP): Make sure it is set to 465 and SSL is checked

Incomming mai (POP3): Make sure it is set to 995 and SSL is checked

Server Timeouts: Set all the way to long (5 minutes).