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DSL Services
MapleNet is a wholesale provider of DSL, Digital Subscriber Line. We provide everything from having the telephone line tested to ordering the DSL service and modems. Subscribers will receive only one bill from MapleNet that will include the DSL service and the line charges associated with it. Technical support will also be provided through MapleNet.

DSL has many advantages, most importantly it does not tie up your phone line, a standard dial-up modem is not required, high speed downloads, faster page loading and continuous Internet connection. Plans start as low as $29.95/mo. DSL is a high speed, broadband Internet access that is provided over a section of the telephone lines which makes it unavailable in some areas due to the fact that it requires special phone lines. Please call MapleNet to find out if your area is covered.

Click on the links below and see if DSL is available in your area.

Based on your local telephone carrier, please choose from the choices below for the right DSL information for you.


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